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Waste is a huge problem on our planet, we currently dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste on the planet every year. If all this waste was put on trucks they would go around the world 24 times.

There are many types of waste that cause serious problems, our house hold waste usually gets dumped into landfill, this then decays releasing huge amounts of methane into the atmosphere, on average 100 tons of methane is released per 1 metric ton of waste in landfill sites.

Cellophanes and plastics that are not recyclable get mixed into this rubbish, do we really need a ergonomic opening to eat some food, or a pretty inviting cover to make us buy something, its usually these culprits that cannot be recycled, we need generic packaging, we have a similar problem with battery's and USB cables and other cables, how many different fittings are there, all these different makes making things in different designs, again for profit so you need to buy the wire too, or the charger, they all do it, how many different USB fittings are there, this could all be replaced with just one wire, a universal fitting that all makes have to use by law so we can reduce waste.

Waste in essence is driven by consumerism profit and convenience, we need to change this ideology not just for the pollution it causes, but for the  issue of running out resources we have, we already need 1.8 planets to feed our current habits.

We live in a world driven by profit and consumerism, there already making the next phone before they release a phone, the next laptop before we have even worked out how this one works, the next tv comes out every week, this constant push of electrical evolution driving by profit making people think they need something they didn't even knew existed, we need to put a leash on the limit of upgraded technology evolution to dramatically cut down on E-waste.


What waste is dumped?

The waste is dumped on land-based dumpsites or in the oceans and include:

Construction waste

Industrial waste

Household waste

Plastic waste

Electronic waste

Radioactive waste


Run-off waste (fertilizers, pesticides, and oil from for example farms running off into groundwater, rivers, oceans).

Waste dumping has become a way to “solve” the world’s enormous waste problem. We need to come up with better ideas pretty quickly or it will spin completely out of control.




Nuclear waste or radioactive waste is a big problem in the world, it has a half life of hundreds of thousands of years sometime multi millions of years, we need to stop using nuclear power stations as it is creating waste that is impossible to get rid of, it is very damaging to our environment, also we have had two very big disasters Chernobyl in Russia and Fukashima, currently the world is planning on making moor nuclear reactors, we need this to stop please check the energy production page for alternatives on producing energy.

This section is going to focus on what to do with nuclear waste or radioactive waste, currently they use water and storage rods, but we can do better than this.

After the convection process we need to encapsulate it safely, we can use magnetite in the concrete to double the density, if we also use black tourmaline powder in the concrete we can eliminate any radioactive radiation emitting from it, so we would then make a coffin out of this new concrete and fill in with water, we then place the nuclear waste in the water, cap it off with the concrete mix, and then we would encapsulate the concrete coffin in lead, this method will ensure NO radioactive radiation.

Please look at the diagram below for more information.

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