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The oceans are the most important thing on this planet, they are underestimated for many things including Co2 absorption we need to be careful not to toxify our sea with acidification or Carbon acid, in this section we will show how to remove the pollution the plastic and rubbish, we will address marine biology cyanobacteria, and also we will show a new way to deal with the coral reefs problems showcasing bleach resistant strains and coral-algae symbiosis.

Marine biology is very important for obvious reasons, the oceans are a living eco system that helps with the storage of Co2, also the sea converts Co2 into oxygen, the oceans account for up to 40% of oxygen conversion, it this section we will be showcasing areas that need attention, we will be covering over fishing, sea bed trawling, re-building coral reefs, bleach resistant corals and hybrid strains of corals, breading whales, plankton cycles, cyanobacteria, breading sea life and bio diversity.

Coral reefs.


Currently we have an issue with the decline of coral reefs, they make up the sea bed in many areas and they are homes for millions of small fish, they are also breeding grounds in seasons where many fish choose to lay there eggs or spawn, contrary to that they absorb Co2 and convert it into oxygen.


Recently we have witnessed the biggest decline in coral reefs the world has ever seen, but there is hope, I know that there are efforts globally, to restore the coral reefs, the problem is many places are using Concrete as the base stone to grow coral larvae on, concreate over time releases chemicals, we need to be using PH neutral stone like sandstone or sea rocks these can be collected and then used to plant or grow coral larvae on to restore the coral reefs.


The next area than needs addressing is the bleaching, this happens when the sea temperature is to hot this heat bleaches the corals and kills it, they get a bleached white colour and kills the coral, this also puts fish of as the bright colours attracts them like a mating call, it is important to keep the fish numbers high as the food cycle could collapse, so from this we should understand that the coral reefs are very important, along with efforts for planting coral reefs we need to one reduce sea temperatures especially in the top ten meters of the sea, there is options we can use for the longevity of the corals encase we cannot meet these targets, there are bleach resistant coral larvae that are found in the Mediterranean areas of the oceans, using a high percentage of the bleach resistant strains will ensure the longevity of the coral reefs and give added protection against bleaching, these are found in the red sea Stylophora Pistillata coral are heat resistant and can thrive in hotter seas. Added to that using a process of symbiosis we can introduce algae creating a Coral-algae strain that is very heat resistant to bleaching, so by using these as the bulk of plantations we can ensure that the corals have longevity and also a bit of insurance that they can withstand a heat increase, the more coral the more oxygen meaning the better the sea can cool the oceans by using Stylophora Pistillata and or (Coral-algae) symbiosis.



Stylophora Pistillata.jfif
Stylophora Pistillata 2.jfif


The first place we need to start with, is cleaning the oceans, the oceans eco system is very important, it is also important for global warming as the ocean accounts for 40% of Co2 conversion, this usually happens with algae or plankton, we have also had samples taken from around the world that is showing there is 7 times more plastic than there is plankton, this is a real emergency because the marine life will be consuming this as food, plastic has dramatic effects on livers and kidneys, it changes the enzyme breakdown and can cause liver and kidney toxicity, this toxicity in organs important organs like livers and kidneys will disrupt cell count and cell production, high toxicity can cause viruses and diseases, if there is 7 times more plastic particles than plankton then we have a real emergency that needs fixing asap.

there is also the threat of items like can ring holders trapping marine life and carrier bags being eaten in large amounts as whales and many other fish cannot distinguish the difference.

We have many areas of pollution, plastic being the most common, fishing nets made from nylon are just as bad, these do not biodegrade they get broken up by the sun into tiny particles that get mistaken as plankton, we also have cardboard, Styrofoam, Lego, microscopic plastic beads found in cleansing products, then we have chemicals that get dumped into the oceans from factories, mainly clothing factories or the textile industry, many places dump their chemicals into the sea, eventually this will change the PH of the sea turning it more acidic, this along with excessive Co2 levels and absorption will create acidification of the seas, then we have the military, military pollution is really a problem, from missile testing to bombs being tested the list is endless and this is dramatically effecting the oceans, and also changing the sonar frequencies of the seas, sonar can travel as much as 3000Km these loud bangs disrupt whales, dolphins and other sonar dependant species.

We also have cruise ships that use up to 8 tons of rubbish each week and a lot of that gets dumped into the oceans.

We can change though, we can use implosion to clean the chemicals being dumped at sea, we can use filtration and reverse osmosis to clean the water, we can find ways to reduce the chemicals being used, we can stop all military testing of weapons in the sea, we can clean up most of the plastic in the seas, we can replace plastics with substitutes like coffee bean husks, rice husks, nut husks, wheat fibre pulps and much more, we can use bleach resistant corals and also make coral hybrids from bleach resistant corals and algae, we can use the ocean cleaning designs I have shown below and we can use sea bins, the best way is to stop dumping these items at sea, we can still clean up the mess but we need to stop adding to it, 

there is so much we can do to clean this up and prevent it, we need to stop over fishing, we are taking marine cycles from the sea, if to much going the whole thing will break down.

But there is hope, if we make these changes the sea will regenerate, if we stop the chemicals the sea will clean it's self, if we stop adding to the plastic the sea will eventually deposit the microplastics on the sea bed and the marine life's fertilizer of excrement will cover it up, it may take 100 years after we have stopped polluting but it will eventually clean its self if we give it the space and time it needs.


  Special thanks to NOAA & SEAPLEX 

In this section we will go over some ideas for new technologies that can be used for the ocean clean up, we will show designs for boats and other designs for sea bins, we may look at ways of utilising the gyres in the ocean as most rubbish is drawn towards them, the gyres are like giant whirlpools, these will collect a lot of the rubbish for you and you could collect it below at the stem of the whirlpool.

Boats would be a good way, using oil tankers converting them or using boats of similar size is going to be most effective as they can carry huge amounts of cargo, so they could pick up miles of rubbish on a single journey, this could then be taken to shore to a recycling facility to collect and sort the rubbish and make into pellets to be reused, plastic bottle, bottle tops, Styrofoam, plastic bags, the list is endless, mainly its plastic bottles and fishing nets, the fishing nets are made from nylon, this could all be recycled as well as collected, the pellets could be sold for reproduction, and the money raised would pay for maintaining the system of going out to sea and paying the recyclers to sort it and make it into pellets.


Using an oil tanker would be a good idea or a boat of similar size, these have a really long hull and a very wide hull, this will be optimal at removing large amounts of rubbish in each trip, some are as much as 50 meters wide, a few of these side by side, sailing in a straight line for 100Km could remove 100Km squared with just 20 boats, you may be able to sail further than 100 Km before the boat is full, this is just for reference and explanatory purposes, this is how we could clean up the huge garbage patch quickly compared to there methods, the advantage of this is that the conveyor can be submerged 10 meters below sea levels so it will pick up any rubbish that is within the top 10 meters of the sea.

OIL Tanker blueprint full for below 1,5 ...jpg
ocean liner garbage eater

There are solutions to this, in this page you will find ways to clean the oceans, ways to clean the top ten meters, clear all the pacific garbage patch, we will also show how to replenish sustainable corral reefs that can withstand bleaching if we don't meet targets, marine biology and breading and alternatives for plastic to prevent this from getting worse, by using different bin design and replacing plastic with biodegradable materials we can prevent this from getting worse, bins are light and blow over in the wind and spray there rubbish out everywhere, some of this ends up in the oceans, we also need better coast care and beach rules, but most importantly we need to change the way we produce plastic, we can use coffee bean husks, rice husks, any husk can be made into a hard plastic that can be put into the dishwasher, these will break up by the sun at sea and if soaked long enough they break down, so they would not damage the oceans like plastic does, we can also use hemp plastics, and wheat fibre pulps to replace most packaging, bottle tops and bottles, can rings that hold beer cans together can all be replaced, straws spoons forks, all single use plastic can be replaces with husks, wheat fibre pulps, recent efforts have found algae or see weed can replace a lot but not in the same way husks can, using husks can also give third world coffee farmers and extra income from a bi product that they would usually throw away, this could be an industry to help third world countries where coffee plantations are abundant, this will give them extra income and security, at the same time helping our plastic replacing needs, there has also been some hype about a fungus mycelium.

We can replace polymers with husks, husks hold the same strength, hemp plastic can replace the bottles, wheat fibre pulp can replace really hard plastics like bottle tops, husks can also do this but may be better using with straws, forks, spoons, or anything that can be used in a dishwasher so also home plastics can be replaced with husks, wheat fibre pulp has many potential areas in packaging, chip shop trays, takeaway  trays, it can replace polystyrene in protective packaging, mycelium can be used as a bonding glue to bond the husks, wheat fibre and hemp.

There are a lot of patents globally for mycelium, but hemp, husks and corn is still open, all these patents need to be open sourced patents so that it will be effective and not owned by greed for profit, this is to help the world not to own.


The algae blooms (cyanobacteria) absorb more nutrients in hotter temperatures, the heat massages them and the cell uses more water so it absorbs more nitrogen to increase its water in the cells, the acceleration of nutrient uptake in cyanobacteria is caused by the hotter temperature, when they absorb more Nitrogen then expel sea snot, also the reaction increases nitrogen oxides to be released into the atmosphere, the fighting plankton would usually absorb these extra nutrients, but as there numbers diminish or as there numbers are not included in sea turnover as the top ten meters is to hot for them to thrive they are not able to absorb the extra nutrients with the lower number of plankton, so it is over absorbed by the cyanobacteria and expelled as sea snot, the nitrogen from farming, and emissions is to abundant so the plankton cannot absorb it and the cyanobacteria absorb it instead and give of sea snot.

The extra Nitrogen oxide being released is bad Nitrogen accounts for 6% of green house gases and it is 300 times worse than Co2 so while the world is focused on Co2 we have Nitrogen oxide that is already 18 times worse than our Co2 problem.


We need to use organic nutrients, use less nitrogen, prosperous, and also lower ocean temperature this is the answer, it is a combination of nutrient pollution and also the hotter temperatures. the farmers using to powerful NPK man made nutrients and not resting the land, the abundance of NPK will not create higher yields, they use more because they think they will get more yield, and this creates run off that goes into the sea, added to the lower fighting plankton numbers, the higher temperatures and the cyanobacteria absorption rate increase the process is accelerated and creates to much sea snot.

Sea snot causes havoc to marine life and ports we are starting to see the devastating effects especially in Turkey, it is only a matter of time before this is everywhere, the gulf also has this problem, the simple answer is to change farming techniques, using a crop around the edge of on the slop to soak any run off, also to use organic nutrients, red clover for instance can increase nitrogen levels in the air, also ploughing clovers, field beans, coffee and chick peas into the ground before sowing can elevate the nitrogen levels, the cost is the issue but by using natural methods and organic nutrients you will see the rewards in the crop.

Please check the farming page for more information on this.

The great pacific garbage patch is the next or current biggest eco threat the earth has yet to realise, the pollution, the cytotoxins it will create in fish liver, the endless problems this can cause on marine biology is not good, the size of this garbage patch is 6 times the size of England, can you imagine trying to clean up something 6 times the size of England, below we have shown ideas for how to clean this vast pace, and also how to reuse and recycle the waste dumped into the sea, this is key to stopping global warming, it is key for the longevity of our oceans.




The gyres control the conveyer belt of the oceans, to much fresh water is coming from the melting of the ice caps and the turnover process is being disrupted, this means the turnover of plankton is not the same, the sea relies on this process to turnover the plankton, the plankton is key for food for marine life but also the balance of nitrogen oxide being released and oxygen in the ocean.


 So how this effects the ice caps and underwater melting of the caps and what we can do about it will be continued in the next section, this needs attention as the temperatures of the water under the ice caps has increased dramatically this will accelerate the melting of the caps


bird plast dinner.jfif


Plastic Polluted Ocean


This is something that really annoys me as we already have the answer to this problem, we already have compostable carrier bags, biodegradable carrier bags are already being sold in a minority of stores, there needs to be regulation in place that these are the only carrier bags allowed to be sold, all others need banning, there are companies found online with a 2 minuet search that can provide these compostable bags, they may cost 0.004 pence more but that is a drop in the ocean compared to how much shops sell carrier bags for, the reason I know the UK does this, the reason they started charging 10 or 20p for a carrier bag was not so the supermarket chains could make even more profit than they do it was to reduce plastics or polymers, to reduce this problem that we have, all it did was cost people more, you cannot reduce carrier bags needed as you still have the same amount of shopping to carry, this also made it worse as many places started to make thicker or higher quality bags to justify the price they are charging for the bags, this has led to an even worse problem with carrier bags 3 times as thick, making it even harder for a whale to digest, we need to use compostable bags only or paper bags, we also need a ban in shops for having a carrier bag for just a few items, every shop i go in they ask if i want a bag for 1 item, yes that's right 1 item, you should have to do a balancing test to get a bag, basically shops need to stop offering bags, they are taught to do this form the supermarkets as it drives carrier bag sales, this is not why they started charging for them, so you have made them 3 times a thick and made profit, this was not thought of properly, and new regulation needs to be in place.

killed by 80 plastic bags.jfif
Great-Pacific-Garbage-Patch diver.jpg


turtle can ring holder.jfif


Each week it is estimated humans eat 5 grams of plastic in our diet, it is roughly the equivalent of the weight of a credit card, this is how bad it really is, all the fish must be eating higher amounts of this plastic, you may think that's nothing to do with global warming but if the fish eat to much plastic the enzyme breakdown can cause toxicity in the liver and organs this creates viruses and diseases, if we destroy to many of a cycle of fish it will devastate the food cycle, the fish maintain the oceans, they fertilise the sea bed for sea plants coral ect. if this cycle disappears, many birds wont eat as well, many seeds will not get delivered, if the sea is not maintained the PH changes, lots of domino effects come off the back of this, the ocean is so much more than just fish, if the oceans die we all die.

glass beach fort bragg california.jpg





We are unsure of the effects of glass beaches, the shards of glass that chip away in the sea what happens to them do fish try and eat them thinking there clear plankton, or do the bottom feeders think there dead plankton or excrement, no one is sure, although it may look cool on the beach multi coloured pebbles there has got to be a negative impact, not just the fact that the whole beach is glass but this shows how much of a mess we are making, if this much gets washed up on shore how much is left at sea, we can see that humanity has an issue with discarding there rubbish, or has no respect for a bin and its purpose.

Glass-Beach hawaii.jpg


tea spoon plastic.jfif

5 grams



There is hope, if we change production methods and if we clean the oceans we can turn this around, we also need to look at bin design and waste management in general, please check the waste management page for more on this, next we will bring forwards the technologies and methods that's are being used but in very small numbers for replacing plastics, carrier bags, packaging, cellophane, food packaging, plastic knifes forks straws, take away trays the list is endless but we have found replacement for it all, this is a technology that can be legislated in production in every country.

There is an easy solution to a lot of our plastic needs and at the same time it can benefit third world nations, there is ways of making very strong plastic that can be put in the dishwasher, this is made using coffee bean husk, this is usually discarded but this bi product could replace a lot of plastics, lids used, straws, bottles, bottle tops, the list is endless it is a very durable strong plastic bio plastic, the benefits would be massive for every part, the production of coffee is mainly in third world countries, and this could be up ramped to produce more plantations, or coffee orchards, this bi product of coffee bean husk would bring extra income to these regions at the same time as providing the necessary ingredient to make plastic, its a win win situation, this may cost more than plastic does, but not by much, instead of polymer beads and so on it would be replaced with coffee bean husks, you can also use rice husk, and nut husk, below we will cover the production method on how it is made with the process and diagrams. 



All life in the cosmos is connected through vibration and energy which can be used either to create or to destroy.

With environmental pollution and underwater warfare posing a significant threat to sea life, are we destroying a vital link in the chain of vibratory resonance that supports life itself, in our universe of frequency and vibration, where all matter is condensed energy and even water demonstrates intelligence, sound and intention play an enigmatic role in the organization of life.


When introduced to positive vibration, water molecules freeze into highly ordered, beautiful, crystalline forms, this is also called structured water, on closer inspection you can see it forms into hexagon shapes and takes a structured form, water on the whole is all meant to be structured, the spirals of currents use implosion to create this structured state, this is disrupted from negative activity, when subjected to negative energy and harmful intent, water crystals form into chaotic and confusing designs, demonstrating that even at the molecular level the influence of love organizes and heals, while fear and disrespect cause damage and impart chaos.

Communication happens between all things, all atoms communicate in a quantum coherence complimenting each other, living or inanimate, the web of life on earth is fractal, more interconnected, and more delicate than humans can yet understand.


The actions, intentions and words we cast onto our material world are meta-physical, employed in constructing the five sense reality we actually experience, even though this process happens outside and alongside of our ordinary perception, this is how vibrational energy effects the chakras and gives power to the aura, the invisible energy field that all living things have.


We are beginning to wrap our heads around the entangled nature of our universe, and this should give us even more good reason to proceed with caution when disrupting the natural rhythms and flow of life in this world which sustains us, for we are dependent on this web.

For tens of millions of years, cetaceans, the whales, dolphins and porpoises of the seas, have thrived on this planet in peace, they are recognized as sentient, self-aware, socially complex, fully conscious and extraordinarily intelligent beings, they have been adored by human cultures since the societies of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Sumerians, and they even play a part in the myths of ancient Atlantis.


Cetaceans have the largest brains of the animal kingdom, giving us another clue that their role in the animal kingdom is special, they communicate with each other with advanced verbalizations including song and speech, observation of their behaviour tells us that there is indeed a deliberate intention behind the sounds they make.


Sound is the vibration of energy as it moves in wave form through the air, water or another physical medium. It has a physical presence around us at all times and with sufficient amplitude, or energy, and when tuned to the proper resonant frequency, sound waves can destroy physical objects, for example, breaking glass, also, acoustic levitation of objects is now a technological reality, further demonstrating how sound can influence our physical world, sound can create or destroy.


Science has revealed that even atoms are in perpetual motion, continuously oscillating. There is no form of matter that can exist without vibration, and every component of our universe has its resonant frequencies which respond to and interact with external vibrations, everything truly is connected.


The effects of the vibration of sound on matter can be observed with cymatics, allowing us to see the complex and highly organized patterns that are created when sound passes through a medium like salt, sand, water or oil. Looking at a digital interpretation of the human voice created by a cymascope is a dazzling example of the complex, living patterns that occur when voice imprints itself onto the material world.


From a much wider perspective, outer space, we see that the planet itself projects its own vibrations into the cosmos in the form of electromagnetic radiation. An example of this is the earth’s natural background of resonant frequencies, known as the Sherman resonances, this frequency is 7.83 Hz, as electromagnetic radiation moves between the centre of the earth and the ionosphere it produces a unique stellar signature, broadcast into the heavens.

Additionally, the earth also emits an ‘auroral chorus’, a cacophony of very low frequency (VLF) sounds that can be picked up by simple receivers in certain ground locations. It sounds eerily like a language of its own, with whistles and clicks which at times sound quite similar to dolphin chatter and the whistling of certain whales.


NASA’s radiation belt storm probes in the Van Allen Belts, receive and translate the earth’s space chorus, another electromagnetic property of planet earth, into audible frequencies which also can sound mysteriously like the dips and whistles of certain whale songs, the earth emits a complex electromagnetic signature which, when translated for interpretation by our senses, can resemble the language of cetaceans, an observation of significance as our scientific understanding of how deeply we are all connected.


If all of the atoms that comprise the earth and its creatures are in continuous vibration, and the earth as a whole is resonating electromagnetic frequencies, then everything that occurs in between is integral to the health of our planet, sounds and vibrations contributed by sea mammals, play a harmonious part in maintaining the balance of life. There is a reason they are here, and a reason why they sing, we just do not yet fully appreciate it yet.


Some propose that we are the verge of another mass extinction event on planet earth, as a result of anthropogenic activity. In this escalating catastrophe, whales, dolphins and other sea mammals are falling victim in greater numbers.

The apocalyptic nuclear disaster at Fukashima is dumping thousands of tons of highly radioactive water into the Pacific ocean each year, Birds, sea mammals, fish and all other sea life are dying off in extraordinary numbers due to their consumption of pieces of plastic waste and human trash, which now contaminate the oceans in catastrophic proportions.


Industrial fishing practices, plastic pollution, military sonar, chemical pollution, warming of the oceans, submarine communication, destruction of coral reefs, the imbalance of algae, all these factors are causing the oceans to acidify at alarming rates, setting off a chain of dangerous imbalance that promises to choke out life in the earth’s seas.


In addition to these stressors, many military groups are openly disrupting life in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the Gulf of Mexico with an ongoing program of testing new advanced SONAR technology and a new generation of explosive under-water weaponry and tactics, the program admittedly presents significant dangers to sea life, but especially to animals that rely on echolocation for navigation, migration, breeding and for obtaining food. The Navy recognizes the toll the testing will take on aquatic life, yet is adamant and will continue, but their annual estimates for how many mammals this will impact is highly disputed by activists and other concerned organizations.


“The US Navy estimates that its activities could inadvertently kill 186 whales and dolphins [annually] off the East Coast and 155 off Hawaii and Southern California, mostly from explosives.
It calculates more than 11,000 serious injuries off the East Coast and 2,000 off Hawaii and Southern California, along with nearly 2 million minor injuries, such as temporary hearing loss, off each coast. It also predicts marine mammals might change their behaviour — such as swimming in a different direction — in 27 million instances.” US NAVY “2014”

The Navy’s underwater warfare testing will include testing “…mid- and high frequency active sonar sources and explosive detonations. These sonar and explosive sources will be utilized during Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) Tracking Exercises, Mine Avoidance Training, Extended Echo Ranging and Improved Extended Echo Ranging (EER/IEER) events, Missile Exercises, Gunnery Exercises, Bombing Exercises, Sinking Exercises, and Mine Warfare Training…” and more.


These tests can generate extremely high levels of sound, over 200 decibels, which is loud enough to kill a human being in the same way that a wine glass can be shattered by the power of sound, to the military industrial complex, though, cetaceans are expendable, and for them to die cruel and inhumane deaths is simply collateral damage in the eternal quest for national security.


Combined, these conditions mean that life is becoming increasingly challenging for whales and dolphins.


It is not just the US Navy, every nation is guilty of such behaviour in the seas, from war games in the China sea, to underwater communication with submarines, nearly every nation plays its part in this barbaric exercise of so called peace, bombs, sonar, ammunition, waste being dumped, nuclear waste the list is endless, the military needs to change the way they operate and the way we communicate, this too is true for the satellites and communication and EMF that the sea absorbs, we are affecting the vibration with war and communication, and the PH of the sea with our waste.


The sonar from a whale or a dolphin can travel 2000Km, they communicate and map out there surroundings, they hunt for food, and migrate using these sonar pulses, the sounds from bombs being tested can travel up to 3000Km and scares them and disrupts there navigation, the natural sonar vibration of the cetaceans that massages the algae is disrupted, the vibration is now impaired.


We are changing the vibrations of our oceans, the information we now know about how interdependent, entangled, and sensitive life is, it is foolish, or perhaps suicidal, to proceed with such disregard for whales and dolphins who fill the seas with immense loving energy. When the peaceful and harmonious sounds of whale and dolphin song are replaced by the negative and destructive energies of weapons testing, ultra-loud SONAR, and nefarious intention, then it is obvious that the overall web of life in the sea will be pushed into chaos and confusion, more so than it already is.


Cetacean song and speech has been a feature of the oceanic realms of this planet since nearly the beginning of life on earth, life requires and is influenced by vibration, creatures that speak must be somehow inexplicably be contributing to the formation and maintenance of life, as well as to further developments in evolution.


From this perspective, the sounds that sea mammals project into the open waters are not neutral, or expendable to the holistic habitat, they are an integral part of the environment, playing some quantum role which have yet to grasp.


Sound affects matter, and just as water responds to positive or negative energy, so does life, the diminishing numbers of cetaceans will remove the most benevolent and intelligent sources of positive vibrations in the sea, there sonar waves massage the Algae blooms, they govern the amount of algae prevalent in the oceans, with lower numbers this regulation of such is compromised, added to the sonar noise pollution of the military we have a real issue at hand, last year 2020 we had seen the highest number in recorded history of whales and dolphins found dead in the seas and water areas, in the hundreds at each of these sites, fish in the hundreds of thousands, this is no joke it is real, the sonar confusion from the noise pollution is changing there behaviour, there breading patterns, navigation, the way they find food and the loss of the massaging therapy from the natural sonar is diminishing, this therapy is imperative to the survival of many sea life, and also the balance of algae.


Below 1.5 new crest.png


Special thank you to the two preachers for edited video content.

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