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Forest fighting technology is key in the current climate, the rise of forest fires is getting worse and they are getting bigger, last year we had fires in the most remote parts of Russia that where bigger than Belgium, Canada had the wort fires on record, California had devastation for the 5th year in a row, Greece and Italy had extreme fires, these are only going to get worse, we need new technology to combat these fires, the more trees that get burnt down, the less we have to filter the Co2, all current tree plantation efforts could be in vain as the rate of forest fires is more than the amount of trees we are planting, with all the tree plantation efforts it is a shame to still have less trees than we started.

We had fires in Greece that broke records, Italy, Canada had the worst fires on record, 2021 was the worst year and its getting worse, we need to take a new approach to dealing with forest fires, currently we have a fire truck that is limited by roads, we have a helicopter with a bucket that averages, 4000 litters , they range between 300 litters to 9000 litters depending on the helicopter but generally most top out at 4000 litters, half of this evaporates leaving you with just 2000 litters, also there fuel capacity is low and they are only operational for around 1 hour, next we have a globe tanker the heaviest load carrier of them all at 72,000 litters, but this is limited to near by run ways and refill times, there is another problem with operating at night, the piolets cannot see, and it is very dangerous, every tool we have has problems, remote, fuelling, range, capacity, and usability, below you will find some ideas for technology that can be implemented across the world to battle forest fires, if we have a helicopter that can carry near to the same as the globe tanker plane, but have the accuracy of a helicopter then we are not bound by runways and we have pin point accuracy, if we can then just dip and go as in dip the lower section into the sea or a river for a quick easy refill from multiple sources then we have a game changer, California, Greece, Italy most of there fires were near to the sea, this would change everything.

Currently we have helicopters that carry a bag of water that can not hold much, most of the water evaporates before it even touches the fire, they have an advantage over planes as you can have pin point accuracy but the downside is they are very limited to how much water they can carry, there are few planes that can do this, there is a globe tanker 400 plane that can carry 72,000 litres this is very effective in forest fire but comes with disadvantages, it cannot pin point the same as a helicopter, it needs runways to be operational, also it needs to land and wait for fire trucks to fill it up that can take some time, the number one most effective thing one can do against a forest fire is be effective quickly before it grows into a huge fire that devours everything in its path, the bigger they are the hotter they are and obviously the harder they are to extinguish,


Below you will find technology ideas and plans for new fire fighting technology that can be made for the world.

Here we have an idea for a longer chinook, chinook helicopters are the most powerful of all, they can carry more weight than any other helicopter available, by making them longer we can increase the carrying payload up to around 24 tons, this is roughly around 24,000 litters of water, using a container section underneath we can dip and go from any large body of water, this would need highly trained piolets or maybe best run remotely or using drone technology, using computer algorithms to calculate to extra lift needed as the container fills will be key. i have called it the CH-47 24D&G for 24 litters and dip & go features, imagine how effective this would be, how versatile this could be in forest fires, if this was made possible it would be the ultimate.


These next images are just to illustrate the basics of how we could use drones in forest fires, the flames out of the jets would not be there in real life it is just for illustration, using harrier style jets we could increase the lifting capacity greatly, imagine a small swimming pool controlled like a drone remotely, night time, smoky environment, using thermal cameras and remote drone capabilities, this could get to any fire at any time in any conditions safely, again using the dip and go features, making it quick and easy to refill from any large body of water. this is the direction we need to be taking with future technologies, the double chinook from above and these ideas for drones, should be at the forefront of fire fighting technologies.

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drone for forrest fires prototype 2.png
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