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This page is probably the most important and most complex part about global warming, it is never spoke about at COP meetings and seems to be a protected area, this is the most damaging part of global warming and it is the main driver of Ozone depletion, Taurus energy field discrepancies, magnetic field discrepancies, ionosphere manipulation, polar magnetics variances, the earths electrical field, it causes spikes in the Sherman frequency the earth natural resonance 7.83Hz basically the spirit of earth.


It is caused by microwaves, radio waves, TV signals, satellite communication, submarine communication, mobile phones, radar its everywhere, EMF electro magnetic frequencies create attenuation in water molecules, molecular rotation in atoms, frequency swelling, electron precipitation and also effect an area of quantum mechanics humanity is yet to discover.

We are under the illusion that non ionising is safe and causes no damage and many signals are ionising, we will be covering this in detail.

In this page we will explain the whole picture, what is causing it, who is causing it, and we will explain the dynamics of how it is destroying the earth.

This page will cover it all, we will give people the knowledge of this emergency and try to produce this page in a way the worlds top physicists will understand and not be able to argue against, and also a way for the average person to understand, this page will by far have the most information and may be hard for some to follow but we will try our best.

In this page we have collected data from various sites we would like to give a special thank you to and to NASA for some of the images and graphs used on this page, we will leave links to there sites for further reference, we aim to mix various sources together to give the full picture. 

EMF page

EMF waves or electro magnetic frequencies surround us every minuet of the day they are bad for our health but this site is for global warming, there will be a small section about voltage calcium gains, and calcium influx in cells, but for now we just want to keep it about global warming, basically an EMF wave is energy, it is sending watts or energy into the air to communicate with a receiver, most of our life's depend on this technology including, TV, Radio, mobile phone connection, Global positioning satellites GPS, radar the list is endless, we have smothered ourselves and the planet and things are getting worse, the Van Allen probe has registered a man made radiation belt that surrounds earth, we have just recently upgraded mobile phone with dangerous 5G close millimetre waves, there already prepping 6G using terahertz.

Using some microwaves is ok to an extent, we passed that line many years ago, and we have too many far too many and the intensity is too high, ultimately these radiation waves effect the Sherman frequency the frequency of earth, it is the soul of the planet it runs at 7.83Hz and must be cared for.

To understand how EMF waves effect the climate we must understand molecular rotation in atoms, on the outer edge of an atom there are electrons, they run at certain rotations atoms are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons, the outer electron has a set rotational speed that gives it a certain vibration or resonance, microwaves hit these outer electrons causing them to rotate faster than usual this is called molecular rotation, these atoms are packed close together when they rotate quicker they rub on the next atom and a process of friction causes heat, this is not always registered as heat and to understand this other realm we have to explain a new area of quantum mechanics, we will explain this at the end of the page, it involves dark matter and dark energy but for now we will keep it simplified through this page your understanding will grow and you will then understand this area of quantum mechanics.

The Sherman frequency is the earths harmonic resonance, it governs the magnetic field, Taurus energy field, and helps the charged ions in the ionosphere, we take this for granted but this frequency is the soul of earth you could say the spirit, all things in space are alive, the earth is an organ of the universe, the sun and all the planet work in harmony with each other, the sun gives life to all and it is important for the survival of all life on earth, the sun is actually like a placenta, it gives birth to the planets, and is constantly giving off energy, this energy is the real reason for space expansion not the big bang, the big bang never happened the universe has always been there, this section is not really about space it is about the Sherman frequency and how it effects us all on earth and how it effects global warming, our pineal gland also resonates at 7.83 Hz the same frequency as the Sherman frequency, when the masses are in despair it also effects the Sherman frequency and adds to global warming.


The damage we are causing to this planet with all our EMF radiation is actually really bad, it always gets brushed under the carpet or not spoken about, anyone who tries to speak about this area gets ridiculed to protect investments, military or economic areas, we have a serious problem as our way of life depends on these frequencies, for instance mobile phones and communication, the world worked completely fine before these came about, but we have now built societies that are dependant on these technologies, these technologies are OK in small amounts, but we have smothered life with these signals, they cause lots of problems ranging from health issues, brainwave patterns to subliminal programming but I want to keep this about global warming.


The biggest driver of global warming is NOT Co2, it is EMF electro magnetic fields, this is radiation, we have smothered the planet with radiation from radio waves, TV signals, VLF waves, mobile communications, satellites, Ionosphere heaters and radar, the list is endless, this radiation is usually split into two categories, ionising and non ionising, people believe that non ionising is completely safe and they are wrong, below we are going to explain the basics of how these radiation waves effect atoms and explain the difference between the two, firstly what is EMF radiation, this is a signal sent between a transmitter and a receiver, an example would be a mobile phone tower and a mobile phone, this is a wave from the light spectrum, a simple X-ray you get at hospital is from the light spectrum, using different potencies and frequency levels we get different uses, and in some cases can cause serious damage to health, cell structure and also the atoms in the air resulting in global warming, this can happen in many ways ranging from molecular ration in atoms to electron precipitation in the Ozone layer, these combined factors can destroy an atmosphere, disrupt weather systems and cause serious health problems for all life including plants.


Everything resonates with a frequency, we cannot hear these frequencies but many insects and life like bees depend on these frequencies for navigation, we are disrupting the frequencies of almost everything, these frequencies also govern many of the planets energy layers, disrupt these too far and we have serious problems.


An atom has outer electrons that rotates at a specific speed, the rotational speed and the amount of electron neutrons and protons determine what element it is but in general all atoms are the same, when an electromagnetic wave passes through these atoms they hit the outer electron, they use these as connector points to travel, without these the wave would not travel, the problem is how they effect the rotation, ionising can split the out electron away in a process called excitation this is a decay of an atom and changes there structure, this is a similar way in which the Ozone layer decays from EMF, O3 molecules can split apart from ionising radiation causing a depletion of O3, O3 is what the Ozone is made up of, non ionising can still cause damage, many scientist still believe that microwaves only effect water molecules and is fundamentally wrong, ever wonder how a plate with nothing on gets hot in a microwave, there not made form water and hold no water in them, we need to rethink the physics of microwave radiation, non ionising will hit these outer electrons but instead of knocking them off causing excitation, they will increase the speed of rotation, think of a game of swing ball, when you hit the ball it goes faster round the pole, this is the same thing that is happening with atoms, this is called molecular rotation, increasing the rotational speed of these outer electrons can cause a wobble in atoms known as attenuation, attenuation can effects cells and atoms, this wobble can distort the atoms signature and in some cases can cause friction, friction is heat, this tiny increase in single atoms is almost impossible to detect it is so minute that no one knows about it, if you then times that by an area of 1 mile squared the combined effect is noticeable but near impossible to detect, this is the secret killer that is destroying the planet but never gets talked about in any global warming meetings COP summits or anything else, we cannot just say we need it and ignore it, we are in serious trouble because we are accelerating these technologies at rates never seen on earth before.


We now have bigger problems with 5G technology as this uses close millimetre waves so this will have more passes or cross waves in the same space, in one meter squared space a normal microwave might have 16 passes of waves through a central axis end to end, where as close millimetre it could be 160 waves or passes in the same meter squared, this is an increase of ten times, this means you are going to hit ten times more outer electrons in the same space even though it is non ionising you will still get an increase of molecular rotation, it is hard to detect any change in such a small space but if you could imagine this on a large scale globally it adds up and can be the reason for 1 or 2 degree increase in temperature, I’m just using mobile phones as an example, this effect is increased much more with VLF very low frequency waves, used in some radio and in almost all ionosphere heaters, the reason there called ionosphere heaters is because they heat up the ionosphere, I shouldn’t need to explain the obvious damage heating up the ionosphere will cause, we all know how hurricanes start and tropical storms so why would we want to mix hot and cold air together in high altitudes.


VLF waves are usually sent through the Ozone layer through the ionosphere layer into space they then can travel along the magnetic field cause cyclotron induced whistler waves made up of ions and charged electrons, these travel along the magnetic waves and then a process of electron precipitation occurs, these extra electrons or ions then pass through the Ozone layer as electron rain and decays the O3 molecules and splits them causing a depletion, we believe the Ozone hole is fixing its self but really we have only slowed the damage down dramatically by stopping CFC gases so with the rapid shrinking of the holes we assume that they are fixing or repairing and they are to an extent but this rapid repair is giving the illusion that it is all ok now, the electron rain will still be decaying this once the damage of CFCs have reversed we will start to see damage creeping slowly again from the electron rain, this goes unnoticed as the hole appears to be decreasing if it wasn't for electron rain and EMF this hole would be shrinking a lot faster, we don’t have 47 years to wait for the Ozone to repair by that time we will have hundreds of thousands of satellites and a very weakened Ozone layer, the Ozone is not just about the size of the hole it is also about the thickness and density of the Ozone layer, if the layer is thinned of less dense then it will let more solar radiation pass through it meaning more PAR active radiation will travel through the atmosphere and we will also have more ground level radiation, this is global warming, if we then add this to the magnification caused by the green house gases like methane, oxides and Co2 then we have a very increased level of global warming.


Methane Co2 and other greenhouse gases don’t hold or retain the heat they magnify the heat, using quantum mechanics I will try to explain how in my own words, the outer electron is more sensitive in a methane or Co2 molecule than it is with an oxygen molecule, this sensitivity is exploited by the solar rays, remember we have an increase of solar rays because of the damaged weekend Ozone layer and ionosphere layer, this increase is making the problem twice as bad and twice as quick, when the solar rays hit the outer electrons in these more sensitive atoms or molecules of methane, oxides or Co2 the rotational speed is increased by a higher factor that is would have been with an oxygen molecule, the higher sensitivity means that molecular rotation is increased in these green house gases and causes more friction from the attenuation wobble, this is how they cause heat with solar magnification, they do not hold heat, or you could say the faster rotation holds heat or creates more heat as it is moving quicker, so if this is true that would mean that the outer electron needs to be rubbing on something to create friction, something smaller much smaller than an atom, atoms are not vacuums, there made up of even smaller particles, not quarks not dark energy or dark matter, not even Higgs boson, something else, I cannot explain this, as there is no translation available, they do rub on each other as atoms are packed closely together but there is also something else much smaller, kind of like glue that holds everything together but not the Higgs boson, I could explain but I’m worried to, one it is hard to explain and two humanity I’m not sure can be trusted, I’m not yet wise enough to know if there is anything bad that could be done with this so ill stop here.


If we use this ideology and change the ways we live with technology then we can start to reverse the effects from global warming, we need to reduce the microwaves, radio waves, VLF waves all the waves by a minimum of 60%, I am actually very worried because looking at plans around the world we are increasing these vastly and extremely quickly, we have evidence to show the damage, the Van Allen probe has detected a radiation field that surrounds earth made by humans, this is no joke and needs taking very seriously, technologies like starlink are going to cause some very serious problems, the beginning of the great disasters as spoken about in the bible we are living in the times of scripture, the virus, wars and rumours of wars, nation against nation, the divide in society, global warming is increasing, these are all the beginning of sorrows, but it doesn’t have to be this way, we need to not only reduce our greenhouse emissions but reduce all our radiation by at least 60% not increase it, think of how many watts of energy combined starlink will be beaming down into earth, also Jeff Bezoz wants to do a similar thing and so does China, this will be catastrophic, if you add up all the watts from all these technologies, it is a crazy figure, we are sending electricity through the air, EISCAT a facility that uses ionosphere communication beams 2 million watts of energy into the air, that’s just one facility there is 60 bases globally that we know of, HAARP SURA EISCAT just to name a few, the satellites, the mobile phone towers, the power lines, the radars, its a staggering amount of energy we are sending through the air, it will give the same effects as a lightening storm has on ions.


This is just a small part of EMF damage, we also have frequency swelling you can only send so much data or electricity through a frequency channel if there is an overload you will create frequency swelling, these overlaps create a cross-fade and increases density in air space to accommodate the extra frequencies, this is very hard to explain and I’m not sure if there is any science for this but it is real, this is partly why we have so many different channels to reduce swelling but also for individuality similar to radio stations transmitting on different frequencies, when you pick up two stations that have close channels that is cross-fade frequency swelling and increases density, this too will accelerate global warming, then we have the effects on the Sherman frequency this is probably the hardest part to explain as they are different frequency channels, your not using 7.83hz, the swelling effect from cross-fade or from to much power in certain frequencies changes the density and it kinda presses on the frequency of the Sherman Frequency field, added to the effects of brainwave patterns and the changes in the pineal gland the connection of humans electrical field and the earth electrical field is disrupted.

Carbon 12 atom.jfif

This section will focus on data showing anomalies in temperature in correspondence to radio, VLF and satellite use, some of this data has been collected from scientists and sourced online, I would also like to give a special thanks to Broadcast Theory found online at for the graphs and some images in this section, and a special thanks to NASA for some of the images from the Van Allen Probe and other sources.

This section we will point out the connection for anomalies in temperature with dates when the radio boom started, also showing images of radiation in space, putting these multiple sources together to narrate an ideology that has not been addressed.

In this graph below we can see the temperature rise up until 2000, since 2000 we have vastly increased our communication and satellites, further down this page we will edit these graphs to show the damage caused from 2000 to 2020 with an extra 0.7 degree rise within just 20 years when energy became cleaner.

This graph shows when radio started in 1910 all the way to 1045 during the early twentieth century warming period-ETCW (1910-1945) these transatlantic longwave radiotelegraphy stations used low and very low frequencies otherwise known as VLF waves, these waves stimulate transmitter induced Ozone depletion through a process of electron precipitation, these waves also cause molecular rotation in atoms causing a wobble friction thus heat.


Below we have a graph of the radio boom that started in 1919, by March 1923 there were 556 licenced radio stations, this rapidly grew between 1922 to 1925, the graph shows more of a temperature rise with a steady climb, people might say its the same time as car production started to increase and energy needs increased, and they hold some truth, but we are not saying this is the only reason for global warming we are saying it is the other half of the picture, the weaker the Ozone and ionosphere is the more solar rays are let through, added to the solar magnification of pollution or hydrocarbons we have a chain reaction that ultimatly causes global warming, you could stop all the man made Co2 in the world but until we address radiation we will never stop 1.5 and beyond from happening, there is more to this including molecular rotation you will find more on this page.


This graph shows later on in the time line, radio stations had become very popular across the world, these same technologies are also used in radar, radar is openly known to create heat, there was many radiographers in WW2 that said the radar had melted chocolate bars in the pockets.

By 1939 there were Apex stations in 34 cities in 22 states in America each operating with up to 1000 watts, it was around this time that it was discovered that 42MHz was efficient at generating interference and ionosphere plasma turbulence also known as plasma induced whistler waves.

America had a super station called WLW Cincinatti that could transmit around the world using 700kHz 500kW people near the transmitter couldn't turn there lights off, gutters rattled loose from buildings, neon signs would not turn off from close local stores, farmers reported being able to hear WLW through there barbed wire fences, this goes to show that it is transmitting energy through the air, similar to some of Nikola Tesla wireless energy inventions, we now have in recent times since 2000 transmitters that pump 1,000,000 watts of energy at different frequency bands but still sending a lot of watts through the air.


This graph shows an exponential rise in temperatures, in 1973 FM radio overtook AM as the most widely used radio technology, the ionosphere became saturated with RF and the background noise in radio increased, along with an increase in VLF the most powerful VLF transmitter was activated in 1972 NWC 1000kW VLF.

FM radio took a steep rise from 1973 until this very day, the rise in radio slowed at the beginning of 2000, this increase in temperature and RF and microwave radiation changed around 1990 when mobile phones started to become commercially available, along with the rise of satellite TV, this will be shown in the next graphs 1990 to 2020, this is not to be a history lesson but is to show to correlation between the steady rise and the technology that we have suffocated our planet with.


This graph below shows average land-ocean temperatures, this continues on to 2015 it shows an increase from 0.4 to 0.9 degrees, now in 2021 we are around 1.2 degrees above what we should be, this steep increase since 1995 comes as mobile communication and satellite TV started its boom, in 2010 mobile communication and TV broadcasts had smothered every continent, since 2010 to 2021 we have had an increase of 0.6 degrees, a 0.6 degree rise within just 11 years, since 1995 we have had an increase of 0.8 degrees, if we carry on with this trend it will be devastating, these graphs only show the temperature anomalies in correspondence to radio tv and microwaves, it does not explain the effects on molecular rotation, cloud formation of how it can effect weather, below you will find more on this.


1995 to 2015 we can see a steep increase in temperature from 0.4 degrees rising to 0.9 degrees a rise of 0.5 degrees in just 20 years.

This next image shows the Van Allen Probe imagery of the earth with a man made radiation belt , this belt is not meant to be there, this belt is causing many problems to our planet, our magnetic field, our Taurus energy field, the ionosphere, and the Ozone layer, this will also be disrupting the Sherman frequency 7.83Hz

NASA Van Allen Probe.png

click link to watch short video

image shows the Van Allen Probe imagery of the earth with a man made radiation belt , this belt is not meant to be there, this belt is causing many problems to our planet, our magnetic field, our Taurus energy field, the ionosphere, and the Ozone layer, this will also be disrupting the Sherman frequency 7.83Hz.

If these devices or technologies do not cause problems then how have we made this vast radiation belt, when you add up the facts, research, data and ideology it is apparent that we are causing damage to our planet with mainly microwaves, radio waves, VLF waves, TV signals, Ionosphere heaters like HAARP, SURA, EISCAT, mobile phone radiation, and all the satellites, this radiation is weakening the barriers that protect earth from solar radiation, Ozone depletion, Sherman frequency spikes, magnetic field dips, electron precipitation through TIPER NOx processes, this added with the greenhouse emissions is spelling out disaster, it is not just about Co2, the other half of global warming and weather disturbances is through frequency manipulated by microwaves, our species relies on this microwaves for communication and data sharing, the problem is that we are relying on it a little to much and we have smothered the place to the point we have created a radiation belt around the earth, the rest is invisible molecular rotation in atoms causing heat increases, then there is a missing part of quantum mechanics the unseen and undetected, that is also getting effected by the over use of microwaves.


 This is humanity's last chance to change, we need to change our way of life, we need to reduce these microwaves by a MINIMUM of 60%, many big tech company's will not show this or admit there is a problem, they will push and push saying that it does not cause global warming or have any effects, they will say that non ionising is completely safe and it isn't, the reality is that it is not completely safe and can cause attenuation, contrary to this a lot of the frequencies being used or ionising.

NASA global temperature land data.jfif
temperature vs solar anomaly graph.png

Transmission induced Ozone depletion is a process of electron precipitation, this is also known as TIPER NOx created by microwave or radio wave radiation, it can create plasma waves using the ionosphere that then create whistler waves that electrons or ions travel along and then rain down as electron precipitation, you could say space rain, this is also a process that happens with our sun, but man made on top of this is causing a problem, the man made version is also known as the Luxemburg effect when two frequencies collect and meet together, the diagrams below will try to illustrate this process so you can understand the concept.


As we can see we don't have 47 years to wait, reducing microwave radiation will shorten this by at least 50%, this is just the effects on the Ozone layer, microwave radiation effects much more than just the Ozone O3 molecules, carrying on from this we will delve into the other areas of destruction that are caused by microwaves.

Sherman resonence disturbance.png

The diagram above shows two ways these frequencies are damaging the planet, firstly is what is mentioned above the electron precipitation aka electron rain, this breaks up the O3 molecules in the Ozone layer, thinning the layer and also creating a hole, we are under a misconception as the hole is shrinking, but this is only because of the dramatic reduction in CFC gases, the hole would be shrinking much quicker without the electron rain, also after the CFC damage has been repaired there will still be a bigger than normal hole because of electron rain or precipitation, remembering that we only started measuring the hole after acknowledgement of an Ozone hole in the 1950s, before this the hole would have been much smaller, there has always been a hole, the cold air from space helps keep the ice caps cool, but too big a hole lets in to much solar rays, the angle of the hole in effect to the solar rays from the sun mean all the difference, the hole size is key to the temperature at the caps, the thinning of the Ozone is also key to how much solar rays get through our atmosphere, until we acknowledge this problem we stand no chance of stopping global warming, we could become net zero in Co2, benzine, oxides and methane and still have global warming, green house gases magnify the solar rays through a process called molecular rotation, the other half to this is how much solar rays get through, we are damaging this very fields that protect us, the over use of technology is the real problem, the main driver for global warming is radiation from technology, excessive technology, we really need to reduce satellites not increase them, we face the biggest disasters the world has face because of our green for technology or for the vision of tech giants who will ultimately bring destruction.

The second way these VLF waves, micro waves, Radio waves, TV signals ect.. will destroy our planet is they will interfere with the earths natural Sherman frequency blips, these extra signals will travel along the magnetic waves and renter the earths core causing spikes in the Sherman frequency, discrepancies in the 7.83Hz frequency that the earth vibrates to, the spirit of earth, the ancient Egyptians knew this over 5000 years ago, todays technology is destroying the planet, we have machines like HAARP, SURE, EISCAT that pump millions of watts of energy into the atmosphere effecting weather systems, and destroying the Ozone layer, Taurus energy field and much more, this is swelling frequency and causes extra blips in the Sherman frequency.



NASA Van Allen Probe_edited.png



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