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Concrete production accounts for 7% of Co2 emissions, according to the Global Cement and Concrete Association, around 14 billion cubic metres of concrete are cast each year. Cement production alone accounts for as much as 7% of all Co2 emissions, we need to focus on ways of locking in the Co2 and using Co2 as a storage carbon sink but only for the Co2 in the production, there are also ways that concrete can absorb Co2 to make it stronger.

In this page we will look at some of the new technologies in this field and we will show new ways for production, edited ways of existing production methods and collect them all into this page, there is currently a firm that is making Co2 neutral concrete and many people may not know about it, we will showcase this as best as we can and also show new ways that can benefit humanity, a 7% decrease is around 3.7 billion tons of Co2, we need to be looking at every possible thing we can to reduce the large figure of 43 billion tons of Co2 we emit every year.


This section we will go onto the current ways that concrete is produced and we will show new ways concrete can be produced with low or no Co2 being released, for this page we will be showcasing existing technologies that I have found round the world that needs a higher audience, the more people aware the faster this can be implemented, now we have to understand patent laws, but if it is a technology that can benefit the earth like global warming or pollution in the environment then we need to look at new laws so they have to open source them under licence, it is the quickest way for it to go global, one company cannot reach every corner of earth, also open sourcing patents under licence will bring them royalties.

These technologies I will be showing are not well known and could or should be the industry standard, with legislation in every country this could be put in place, currently concrete accounts for 7% of all Co2 emissions lets reduce this though educating new ways forwards and lets get in into legislation.

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