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This page is about the ancient hidden knowledge that can help us with global warming, it is for Osiris to decipher, we will go through a few pictures and explain there meaning, there is also reference to medicine but the real message is medicine for the earth, I thought I would add this page to the other 25 pages, they all cover global warming but this page will cover global warming for now written over 5000 years ago, it will go into spirituality and the blue print of what humans cannot measure with our technology or see, we had very advanced understanding of the cosmos and the flow of energy, most importantly the importance of frequency and Hz, the earth is governed by the Sherman frequency 7.83Hz, bare in mind that the pyramid's co-ordinates is the same number as the speed of light, so for those that think they dragged stones across the floor and were primitive you are very wrong they were much more advanced than we are today, the pharaoh's or and the gods came from the sky and brought this knowledge, and had tech and an understanding that we don't have today.

Egyption medicine glyph.png
egyption global warming medicine.png

So here is our first clue, the legs are drawn well out of proportion, this means to looks for proportions, the little two black circles signify the earth and the moon.

The two arrows are pointing to the earth and the moon, it is also saying to look at the moon on Isis's head, you then follow the moon on the small glyph on Isis and in the place of the moon are sound waves, this added to the tuning forks on the bottom of the staff, if we then take a look at the golden Ankara and the sound waves on the head it tells us the golden chakra 432Hz and the tuning fork is Hz.

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